For families who need more intensive help

One to One Support

Most families will be best served by joining the group programs but I do have very limited One to One availability at a premium price. The One to One program is a six week commitment paid in full before we start. It includes a weekly zoom call and a private space in the ClarityFlow app. Because of the zoom aspect, we will need to make sure that our schedules support our work together. 


At the center of our work together is a weekly Zoom call where we meet virtual face to face and discuss what's going on, create goals and work those goals. We use the ClarityFlow app in between sessions to communicate by text, audio or video making it super simple to tune in and share no matter your time zone or schedule. Having both allows us to get a lot done in a short time. At the end of the six weeks we'll discuss next steps and create a post-program ClarityFlow check-in schedule to tough base over the next couple of months.

Plus - bonus worth $197

All of my programs — including one to one — get LIFETIME access to the CBT Family Toolbox: a collection of over 100 ideas, activities, resources, and games to continue your resiliency building after the program. With topics like Shifting Attention, Self-Esteem/Self-Concept, and Feelings Literacy, and instructions on how to use them, you’ll never be at a loss when it comes to skill building!

One to one includes a weekly zoom call AND ClarityFlow


The first step to setting up a one to one relationship is a free consult call to be sure it makes sense for us to work together logistically and fit


Most families will be adequately served and make great progress through the Resiliency Sprint and Blueprint to Bravery programs. One to One is best suited to families who are feeling more overwhelmed and more deeply entrenched in their child’s anxiety or who have a child who is having more intense behaviors. It may also be appropriate for families who are suffering more severe consequences for their child’s anxiety such as a child who is about to be expelled for school refusal. 

We are covering the same information that we would cover in the Blueprint to Bravery but we will go deeper and I will bring in other resources since we’ll have a lot of time together. We meet weekly via a Zoom call and then you will have a private conversation space for us to communicate in ClarityFlow so you can keep me updated or ask for help between sessions.

That may definitely be a challenge for the Zoom calls. It’s not an issue for ClarityFlow since our work there will be asynchronous but scheduling is one of the things we’ll discuss during our consult call.

No. The flat fee covers six weeks of sessions. If we need additional sessions, we can discuss doing that at an additional cost. But when we work together One to One, we’ve agreed to commit to an intensive period of focus on the family’s issues with their child’s anxiety and anxious behaviors.

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