Your child can be an anti-Anxiety Super Hero

Is your child's world getting smaller because of their anxiety?

  • Does your child melt down or flip out before or after new experiences (baby sitters, new food, visits with family)?
  • Do they complain of headaches and stomaches even though the doctor says they’re fine?
  • Do they have trouble falling asleep because they’re worried about earthquakes, robbers, or what’s going to happen at school tomorrow?

I work with thoughtful, attuned, highly sensitive parents who feel trapped by their children’s anxiety and who want to break free.

I can help.

I'm Dawn Friedman MSEd.

30 Years Of Experience Working With Families Has Taught Me That ...

the best way to help kids is to help their parents.

Your parenting isn't the problem

Your Parenting is the answer

Parents with anxious kids get trapped in patterns that they don’t know how to interrupt. That’s where I come in. When you work with me you will learn:

  • Why some kids get anxiety (and why some kids don’t)
  • How your child’s anxiety impacts you and how your anxiety impacts them
  • What to do to stay connected while also holding healthy parenting boundaries
  • Everything you’re doing right and what you could be doing even better

I work with parents to create a personalized, developmentally appropriate, anti-anxiety plan that has long-term results.

What's in The Program?

The Central Course

A self-directed 6-week program rooted in the latest research about kids and anxiety with assessments, clear directions, and lots of insight.

Group Support

Participants in the program get 12-weeks access in the Child Anxiety Support membership site so you never need to feel alone in the process.

Weekly Live Q&As​

Each week we'll have live events where you can talk to me directly; ask questions; and get perspective, directions and encouragement.

The CBT Family Library

Inside the membership you'll find an ever-growing library of activities to pull from so you can shore up your whole family's anti-worry skills.

Additional Courses

The membership also hosts lots of other courses, workshops and events as well as community of loving, impassioned, sensitive parents like you.

Respectful Understanding

I've worked with hundreds of families and know there are lots (and lots) of ways to be a great parent. I will always honor your expertise on your child.

See inside the course and community

How Anxious Is Your Child?

You can download a child anxiety assessment and then schedule a FREE consult with me to talk about the results. The screener is not diagnostic but will give you a better picture of where anxiety is showing up for your child so you can better understand what’s happening for them and what to do next. 

At the free consult, you’ll be able to ask me questions about your child’s score, share what’s happening with your family, and learn more about the program and whether or not it’s right for your child and for you. This is absolutely free, no obligation, and definitely no hard sell.

What people have to say

Your family no longer has to feel imprisoned by your child's anxiety

You’ve come to the realization that something HAS to change but you feel totally overwhelmed. 

I UNDERSTAND. I’ve worked with so many families just like yours: loving, caring, highly empathetic parents with intense and sensitive kids.

I know how you got here and I know how to get you out. We’re going to free your family from the grip of childhood anxiety TOGETHER.

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