Is your child struggling?

Are you?

Dealing with child anxiety is not easy. Meltdowns, tantrums, tears and worry. These intense, sensitive children and teens are hard to parent.

But what if I told you that YOU can turn things around for your anxious child? Research shows that we’ve been doing it wrong — the intervention shouldn’t start with the child; it should start with YOU.

The Child Anxiety Support Program is an evidence-based, personalized program with asynchronous classes and individual live support.

The CBT Family Toolbox is a recipe box of over 100 cognitive behavioral activities, resources, projects, and ideas.

And my Webinar Bundle jumpstarts your learning with four recorded research-informed on child and teen anxiety topics. 

Does your child have a hard time with:

Being away from you?
• Sleeping alone?
• Facing new experiences?
• Getting to school or staying in class?
• Making or keeping friends?
• Stomachaches and headaches?
• Excessive, obsessive worries?
• Anger, outbursts, and meltdowns?
• Poor self esteem?
• Negative, discouraged attitude?

Anxiety limits functioning!

Transform your family from from chaos to calm!


  • How anxiety develops and what makes it stick around;
  • How to trust yourself and your child.


  • Your relationship with your child and your self;
  • Your child’s confidence and self esteem.


  • For your child’s needs with other people and systems;
  • For your own self care and functioning.

Become an expert on your child's anxiety!
Teach them to cope with any anxious scenario!
Get clear individual help quickly and conveniently WITHOUT wait lists or long times between appointments!
Recorded webinars to enhance your learning specialized topics.
100+ ways to teach your child the specialized anti-anxiety skills to build their confidence and improve their functioning.
Personalized support through the self-directed program to help you free your family from the trap of child anxiety. I hold your hand every step of the way!

Child anxiety is robbing your family of joy

Do you feel:

  • Anxious about your child’s anxieties?
  • Exhausted by tears, tantrums & meltdowns?
  • Guilty because your child is struggling?
  • Confused when typical parenting advice doesn’t work?
  • Defensive because other people judge you or your child?

Join the full Child Anxiety Support program and we’ll work together — one on one — via the Voxer walkie-talkie app. I will hold your hand as you work through the courses, bring the information and tools to your family, and break the hold anxiety has on your home!


Designed for busy (and overwhelmed) parents

If you’re ready to free your family from the trap of child anxiety, build their anti-anxiety coping skills, and prepare them for whatever life has in store then joining Child Anxiety Support is the best investment you can make in their future.

Your Parenting isn't the problem;
It's the solution!

I have been working with kids and parents for over thirty years as a preschool teacher, parent educator, family case manager, and clinical therapist. I’m also an adjunct instructor for The Ohio State Uuniversity’s Human Development and Family Studies Department. I’ve worked with hundreds of parents helping them free their families from the trap of child and teen anxiety!

Dawn Friedman MSEd

I know that you’ve worked hard to protect and support your child but anxiety defies the usual parenting advice. It can even make things worse! I’ll teach you HOW to parent your anxious child so that you can CONFIDENTLY tackle any anxious scenario! 

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Research Informed & Evidence Based

Courses & Webinars

Learn about child anxiety and how it impacts your unique child so that you know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it and WHY you’re doing it

Direct Support

One to One support with me so you can ask questions and reach out for personalized support whenever you need it


CBT Family Toolbox

A comprehensive library of cognitive behavioral techniques, tools, activities, and resources to build coping skills that your child will use for a lifetime

Webinar Bundle

Access for a lifetime

$ 47 one time fee

Watch Now
  • 4 Recorded Webinars
  • Topics include: Parenting Pitfalls, Anxious Perfectionism, Anxiety and Demand Avoidance, and Introduction to OCD. You will also get access to any future webinars absolutely free!

Child Anxiety Support

The complete personalized program

$ 111 / mo

Get Started
  • Guided Anti-Anxiety Parenting Program
  • One-to-One Individualized Support
  • CBT Family Intro Course
  • 100+ Activities, Resources, and Ideas
  • Hand-Outs and Directions
  • ALL the Webinars in the Bundle
  • Evidence-Based and Research-Informed
⭐️ No Risk 14-Day FREE Trial! ⭐️

CBT Family Toolbox

Self-guided resources

$ 11 / mo

Join Now
  • CBT Family Intro Course
  • 100+ Activities, Resources, and Ideas
  • Hand-Outs and Directions

Still have questions?

If you join the full Child Anxiety Support program you have access to me via a private, easy to use asynchronous coaching space so that you can get personalized support throughout your time in the program. This is not JUST the courses; I am here to support you! Reach out to me whenever you have questions, need extra guidance, or want to celebrate your wins!

That is a GREAT question! The answer is that child and teen anxiety are a family systems issue. The research shows that around 95% of families with anxious kids have shaped their functioning around their child’s anxiety. Unfortunately they’ve shaped it in such a way that they inadvertently are perpetuating the anxiety. 
The Child Anxiety Support program helps parents to restructure their response to address their child’s anxiety with supports instead of accommodations so that the family — and the child — can shift to healthy functioning. In other words, YOU hold the keys to your child’s anxiety improving. You just need the right directives, education, and encouragement to make that happen.
Finally, research shows that working with parents is MORE EFFECTIVE than working with kids. Whether or not you decide your child needs counseling as well, you will benefit from going through this program.

The program is effective for little kids, big kids and teens, as well as young adults who are still living at home. If you have specific questions about it I encourage you to schedule a consultation with me so we can discuss the specifics of what’s happening in your family to help you make the best decision for yourself and your child.

No, your child does not need a formal diagnosis. We will do a screening at the beginning to explore the nature and shape of your child’s anxiety but that is not a diagnostic assessment. If you feel your child would be best served by getting a formal diagnosis, I encourage you to reach out to a therapist who can offer these services.
Obviously if your child DOES or has ever received an official anxiety or OCD diagnosis, that’s fine, too.

I bring three decades of experience working with children and families to my time with you. My work as a therapist in private practice; parent educator; preschool teacher; family case manager; and family studies university instructor have all given me the skills and knowledge to assist you in changing patterns that no longer serve yourself or your child.
My masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and my post-graduate certification in Infant-Toddler Mental Health, as well as my training in maternal mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy further inspires our work together.
I’ve been trained on the evidence-based program SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) as well as on exposure response prevention, cognitive behavioral therapy, and play therapy. 
All of this informs this psychoeducation and support program.

There are three tiers. The cost for the webinar bundle is $47 and that’s a one time fee. You’ll have access to the webinars for the lifetime of my program. Access to the CBT Family Toolbox is $11/month. And the cost to enroll in the full program — the webinars, the toolbox, the directed asynchronous course AND guided one on one help from me through Voxer is $111/month. Your first 14 days are free so you can explore the site and make sure it’s a good fit for you and your family. If you cancel after the first 14 days you will retain access to the Webinar Bundle.

If you’re ready to get started right now, you can go here to sign up. Or if you still have questions about whether or not the program is the right fit for you and your family, reach out to me and we can schedule a time to talk.

You have the first 14 days in the program absolutely free so you have time to truly assess whether or not it makes sense for you to join the program right now. 

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