Is your child struggling?

Are you?

Dealing with child anxiety is not easy. Meltdowns, tantrums, tears and worry. These intense, sensitive children and teens are hard to parent.

But what if I told you that YOU can turn things around for your anxious child? Research shows that we’ve been doing it wrong — the intervention shouldn’t start with the child; it should start with YOU. 

Happy parent with happy child
Is your child anxious?

Does your child have a hard time with:

• Being away from you?
• Sleeping alone?
• Facing new experiences?
• Getting to school or staying in class?
• Making or keeping friends?
• Stomachaches and headaches?
• Excessive, obsessive worries?
• Anger, outbursts, and meltdowns?
• Poor self esteem?
• Negative, discouraged attitude?

Anxiety limits functioning!

Your parenting isn’t the problem; it’s the solution!

I know that you’ve worked hard to protect and support your child but anxiety defies the usual parenting advice. It can even make things worse! I’ll teach you HOW to parent your anxious child so that you can CONFIDENTLY tackle any anxious scenario! Click here to learn more about me and my training!

Dawn Friedman MSEd

Masters in Clinical Mental Health
Founder & Owner of Child Anxiety Support

everything that you need to

Transform your family from chaos to calm!


How anxiety develops and what makes it stick around;

How to trust yourself and your child.


Your relationship with your child and your self;

Your child’s confidence and self esteem.


For your child’s needs with other people and systems;

For your own self care and

Research informed & evidenced based

Here’s how it works:



Strong Kids, Strong Families and other asynchronous courses teach you about child anxiety so you know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it and WHY you’re doing it


Live Support

One to One support with me through the Voxer walkie-talkie app so you can ask questions and reach out for personalized support whenever you need it


CBT Family

CBT Family offers a library of cognitive behavioral techniques, tools, activities, and resources to build coping skills that your child will use for a lifetime

Housed in a private platform available on the web or via an app for your phone or tablet

Why us

Child anxiety is robbing your family of joy

Do you feel:

Anxious about your child’s anxieties?
Exhausted by tears, tantrums & meltdowns?
Guilty because your child is struggling?
Confused when typical parenting advice doesn’t work?
Defensive because other people judge you or your child?
Personalized Help

Office hours so you can drop in and get answers

Timely and Accessible

Access the program through the app wherever and whenever it is most convenient

Real World Program

Understanding about the demands of modern family life


Informed by the latest research in child and teen anxiety

Weekly Live Events (always recorded)
Classes Optimized for Your Phone
Quickly Navigate from Your Phone
Easily Accessible Lessons
Catch up on courses at your convenience
Stress Reset Access on Your Phone

available whenever you need it

Designed for busy (and overwhelmed) parents

  • Easy to access on desktop or phone
  • Available whenever/wherever you need it
  • Flexible personalized, individual support

If you’re ready to free your family from the trap of child anxiety, build their anti-anxiety coping skills, and prepare them for whatever life has in store then joining Child Anxiety Support is the best investment you can make in their future.

Greater peace

Stop the arguments, stop the tantrums and meltdowns. Get on the same page with your child’s other caregivers. Know when to stand your ground and when to ease up!

More calm

Get reassuring support based on the latest research on child anxiety AND join the Stress Reset practice just for YOU to help you bring calm to any crisis!

Enjoy your child

Anxious kids are HARD to parent! Start having more fun as a family and feel good about the time that you spend together!

No more guilt

Feel confident no matter what anxious scenario you and your child face. Build skills that will last your child for a lifetime. Feel good about your parenting!

Trust yourself

Give up the worry and anxiety about your child’s worry and anxiety! Build on the strengths and better understand how to work WITH their unique temperament!

Get things done

No more urgent calls from school or caregivers! Spend time on the things that matter to you again! Focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about what’s next!

Still have questions?

What folks are saying

(note: pseudonyms to protect member privacy)

Dawn told me it would take a paradigm shift and she was right. But once the lightbulb went off it all made sense. I get it now! The things I learned in the program make all our interactions easier, not just the anxious ones.

Marlee, parent of an anxious child

People who don’t have an anxious child don’t get how hard it can be. Dawn gets it. She held our hands through getting our daughter to sleep on her own, which I thought would never happen. She’s a miracle worker!

Tree, parent of an anxious child

I felt so exhausted and guilty before I worked with Dawn but I don’t feel like everything is all my fault anymore and I enjoy being with my teen because we both know how to deal with her anxiety now.

Carrie, parent of an anxious child

Dawn is honest, smart, and trustworthy. I wish every family could access this program. She says things in a way I can understand and helps me keep perspective even when I’m overwhelmed.

Katie, parent of an anxious child

My wife joined the program but I was less convinced. Then I saw that the way she interacted with our son was different and how things calmed down in our house. I went back and read through the lessons and realized what she was doing and why it worked. The next time my wife got on Voxer, I did, too. Now I’m 100% on board.

Ken, parent of an anxious child

What helped me is that Dawn respected my need to take it slow. I never felt pressured or judged so it made it easier to move forward on my own terms. If you’re nervous about opening your family up to judgment, don’t be! Dawn is respectful and kind, and like the mom I wish I had!

Louise, parent of an anxious child

Free your family from the trap of child anxiety.

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