Dealing with child anxiety is NOT easy!

Anxiety makes parenting so much harder. It colors every aspect of family life! If you’re the parent of an anxious child I know that you’ve been working so hard to support your anxious child and yet it’s likely not getting any better and instead is getting worse!

Anxiety looks like:

  • Kids who hate to be left alone, even if you’re just running upstairs
  • Difficult bedtimes and sleep routines so nobody is well rested
  • Reluctance to try new things or flat out refusal
  • Foot dragging to get to school and calls home from the school nurse
  • Friendship and relationship struggles
  • Somatic symptoms like headaches and stomachaches
  • Excessive worrying, whining and nagging
  • Anger, outbursts, meltdowns, family fights and trashed rooms
  • Poor self esteem and so much discouraging, negative self-talk
  • Perfectionism that seems to drive them (and you) beyond the brink
  • Irritability and pessimism that eats up every attempt at family fun

 It’s overwhelming! These intense, sensitive children and teens are hard to parent.

But what if I told you that YOU can turn things around for your anxious child and that I can show you how?

You Are Here (with an arrow)

Your parenting is NOT the problem;

It's the solution!

I’m Dawn Friedman MSEd and I have been working with kids and parents for over thirty years. I’ve worked with hundreds of little kids, big kids, teens and adults as a preschool teacher, family case manager, clinical counselor and parent educator. My passion is supporting struggling parents by teaching them all I know about anxious children and teens and helping them figure out how to FREE their family from the trap of child anxiety.

You can learn more about my training and background by heading here!

What folks say:

Hey Dawn, I appreciate all of the support and understanding you’ve given me through this program. The content you produce is amazing and I feel so much better and more confident because of the work we did together. You offer so much value to our world. Thank you!


Mom to an anxious child

Thank you for your continued support for me and [child’s name]. I love you for that and your depth of compassion and ability to create a safe space for me to share. The work we’ve done together has been very reassuring. I was emotionally exhausted and would go on conversation merry go rounds and now I feel confident to set healthy limits!


Mom to an anxious child

Three ways to work with me:

Borrow My Brain

Just have a quick question? An easy and super accessible way to get answers, direction and insight directly from me without needing to check your calendar or juggle time zones.

Resiliency Sprint

Unlock your child's confidence and competence in 4 weeks. Includes lifetime access to the CBT Family toolbox so you can continue to build resiliency long after the program ends.

Blueprint for Bravery

A 6 week program to build courage and connection in your anxious child. The program includes a 60 day and 90 day success audit to solidify your gains.

But which program is right for ME?

I can help you figure that out! Let’s start a conversation about what’s going on for you and I can tell you more about the different programs and how I can personalize them to make sure they meet YOUR needs. Fill out the form below and you’ll hear back from me within 24 hours.

demonstration of the clarity flow app

Here's how we meet

With the ClarityFlow app we’ll have an ongoing conversation via text, audio and even video. I can easily share PDFs or links to resources and you can listen to the lessons the way you’d listen to your favorite podcast. Your enrollment includes one other parent or caregiver so that everyone will be on the same page without worrying about juggling schedules, finding childcare, or being stuck on a waitlist for an opening that works with your calendar.


I teach you to shape the evidence-based program to suit your child’s needs and your family’s values. Each step is flexible and adaptable while still keeping you on track.


We work in an asynchronous conversation space using text, audio, or video. It makes it super easy to talk to the me, ask me questions, and share your concerns.

Always Available

Reach out via the app while you’re waiting in the school pick up line, when you wake up at 4am, or while you’re sitting on the sidelines at soccer.

More testimonials

On the very first day I saw mini breakthroughs and it just kept going. I’m really so grateful to be connected to you. You’ve helped me so so so much understand things about myself and [my child]. I just think the way you put things is really understandable and friendly, I always feel lead along and not lectured!


Mom to an anxious child

I’m a single parent with a full-time job, and finding time for anything extra is tough. Your program’s flexibility was what made it possible for me to join. Being able to connect and get support at any time, without having to schedule an appointment weeks in advance, meant I could actually do this. I loved how I felt you were always there in the app. I never felt alone!


Mom to an anxious child

Thank you for welcoming our family, Dawn. We felt supported and understood by you and never felt judged. Meeting in ClarityFlow felt like a safe place for us to talk things out with you and with each other, which eliminated a lot of the conflict between me and my partner. 


Dad to an anxious child

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