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Borrow My Brain: $97

This is quick offer to help you get oriented around a particular challenge happening with your child. It’s your opportunity to get my insight in an easy and accessible way. My areas of expertise include child development, family ecosystems, cognitive behavioral frameworks, child and adolescent mental health, communication, parenting, neurodiversity, temperament, and of course anxiety.

If you have a question related to one of those topics and just need a some support and direction, this is a terrific way to get it. 


How it works

You sign up and pay to Borrow My Brain and get access to a detailed intake form to share information about your family and your child and the dilemma you want answers for. There may be some email back and forth while I get further info but within 48 to 72 hours I send you back a private video answering your questions, giving you some direction, and offering resources. You can send me two more emails with further questions and after my second response we'll consider our session together closed.

For some people this is the first step to getting connected to more help and for others it's all the help that they need.

After listening to Dawn's podcast I had a question about my child that I hoped she could answer. Her response made me feel so much better because she helped me see why my daughter was doing what she was doing. Dawn gave me some things to try and that was great but the thing that really made a difference is feeling like I understand my daughter more.
parent to four

Borrow My Brain any time you need it!


I’m looking forward to helping you get unstuck!


Once you sign up you’ll get immediate access to the question form. You must submit your question within 24 hours of signing up. After I receive your question I may email you for further information. Once I’m sure of what it is you’re asking, I’ll send you a video talking about what’s going on and what my thoughts are. I may also include directions to other resources. When you get my video you get two more emails if you have further questions about what I’m sharing and I’ll answer them.

If your child is experiencing a serious mental health crisis you should contact your local resources. In North America, you should call 988. In the UK, you should call 116 123.

Reach out to me via my contact form. You can ask me there if your issue is appropriate for Borrow My Brain.

Reach out to me via my contact form. You can ask me there if your issue is appropriate for Borrow My Brain.

Unfortunately that’s the risk of reaching out to any professional. But if you look through my web site, check out some of my podcasts, or subscribe to my newsletter you’ll get a good feel for who I am and what my biases might be.

An easy peasy way to get expert advice


Want more direction? Looking for what to do next? Just want to know if this behavior is typical and what to do about it?

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