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Want more direction? Ready to go deeper to help your child?

Resiliency Sprint

A three week guided group program that will give you evidence-based tools to build your child’s strength, confidence, and competence. 

Many parents struggle with their anxious child because parenting feels chaotic, overwhelming, and out of control. Kids with anxiety can be hard on themselves and everyone around them. How do we help them face their fears without making things worse?

It starts with building their resiliency — their ability to face tough situations and believe in their own ability to see things through. That’s what the Resiliency Sprint is all about!

You’ll learn techniques and a framework to coach your child through life’s challenges and grow their the ability to handle anything life throws their way.  


We connect through ClarityFlow

We use the ClarityFlow app that makes getting the course information as easy as listening to your favorite podcast. Our conversations happen by text, audio or video making it super simple to tune in and share no matter your time zone or schedule. You can access the information and participate in our ongoing discussions while waiting in the pick up line, during your lunch hour, or sitting on the sidelines at soccer practice.

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bonus worth $197

You’ll also get LIFETIME access to the CBT Family Toolbox: a collection of over 100 ideas, activities, resources, and games to continue your resiliency building after the program. With topics like Shifting Attention, Self-Esteem/Self-Concept, and Feelings Literacy, and instructions on how to use them, you’ll never be at a loss when it comes to skill building!

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bonus worth $150

A 45 minute Zoom call with me to solidify your gains on our sprint, give you additional feedback and support, and offer other direction for further learning and growth. 

I was worried about having the time for a program but the app is what decided it for me. I could listen to the lessons on my commute to work and it's so easy to pick up the phone and message the group when I need help. Making it accessible made it do-able for me. Now I know how to respond when my oldest is trying to wind me up in her anxiety and I don't doubt myself even when she's giving me a hard time.
parent to two

What you'll gain:

More confidence

Understanding the research on resiliency will make you a more confident parent as you lean into the science that supports your choices.

Greater trust in your child

Reframe challenges as resilience-building opportunities and help your child build skills and connect to their growing strengths.

Ease in decision making

Identifying your resiliency goals makes it easy to know exactly what direction to go when your anxious child is struggling.

A new perspective on anxiety

See anxiety from a developmental perspective that will shift the way you parent and communicate with your anxious child.

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The Resiliency Sprint is three weeks. While in ClarityFlow, you can download any of the audio and video to keep after the course closes. You’ll keep access to CBT Family for as long as my site exists!

For lots of families with anxious children, understanding the resiliency research and how to build those skills is enough to start dismantling the anxious patterns in their families.  For other families, the resiliency course is the first step and they may want to consider taking my next course about building an exposure plan. If you have questions about how it all works together, I encourage you to schedule a free consult with me to talk further.

Resiliency work is for all ages — even adults! — although there are some aspects that become more salient as kids get older. Don’t worry — we’ll talk more about that in the course!

It doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty of using the asynchronous ClarityFlow app. You can message through it at any time of the day or night knowing that you’ll get feedback and support. 

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