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Is your child struggling?

Parenting an anxious child is not easy. Meltdowns, tantrums, tears and worry. These intense, sensitive kids are hard to parent!

Are you struggling?

Research shows that we’ve been doing it wrong — the intervention shouldn’t start with your child; it should start with YOU.

It's time to get help!

Your parenting isn't the problem; it's the solution! YOU have the power to free your family from the trap of child anxiety.

"The lessons and chats were really helpful. Lots of ideas coming together and so helpful to have a community to vent to who understands. I enjoyed being able too share my small victories. Dawn is a knowledgeable, compassionate guide."
parent of an anxious child
"Every section was thought-provoking and nothing was a throw-away idea. Almost none of this was something that I had a solid grasp on either recognizing or understanding. I feel more grounded that I am on the right course for myself and family and have more tools."
parent of an anxious child
"I feel like it was an excellent quantity of material and duration of the program. Dawn is so clear and comforting. I found myself smiling and laughing throughout the course. I benefitted from the clear explanations and examples. I think it's worth reading through this course repeatedly, every year or two, maybe."
parent of an anxious child
Dawn Friedman MSEd


I'm Dawn Friedman MSEd. I've been working with kids and families for more than three decades as a parent educator, preschool teacher, family case manager, and clinical mental health counselor. Now I"m committed to teaching families how to free themselves from the trap of child anxiety through my Child Anxiety Support program!

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what you get

Clear Courses

Strong Kids, Strong Families and the other courses give you the tools you need to create a personalized, developmentally appropriate, and effective plan

Live Support

Live events to answer your questions, address your concerns and give you personalized help

CBT Family

A library of cognitive behavioral techniques, activities and resources to build skills in your family that fit your values

Stress Reset

A guided practice to bring greater calm to YOU so you can bring greater calm to your child and family

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