How old is your child?

(Younger children are naturally more anxious than older children, which is why this is the first question.)

Does your child often ask you to reassure them that things will be OK? Or argue with you when you try to reassure them?

(When a child or teen needs you to reassure them often or repeatedly, that's a clear sign of anxiety.)

Does your child need specific things to feel safe or "right?" Such as a particular water bottle, item of clothing, or food?

(Some children are picky as a preference -- they like what they like but can manage if things aren't quite right. But kids who get trapped are likely anxious.)

Do you ever need to change the family routine to avoid upsetting your child?

(Sometimes families describe this as "walking on eggshells" because they are working so hard not to upset their child. Or they may suddenly realize that their lives have become more restrictive bit by bit.)

Do you ever need to intervene with other people because your child struggles to advocate for themselves?

(This could be talking to a teacher or a grandparent or ordering for your child at a restaurant.)

Do you ever have to adjust your own schedule to meet the concerns, needs, or demands of your anxious child?

(Like leaving work early to get them from school or skipping coffee with a friend or staying with them in their room because they won't go to sleep by themselves.)

Do you find yourself tip-toeing around your child to avoid tears or a meltdown?

(Are you always thinking about how to help your anxious child not be anxious? Do you find yourself planning around them or around their possible reactions?)

Are there certain topics you avoid talking about in front of your child because it would upset them or remind them of worries?

(This could also include avoiding certain television shows, books. or games that are otherwise age appropriate but that you think might scare them.)

Are you or your child ever late because your child has a routine or particular way of doing things?

(Do you ever have to start your morning routine over because you went out of order? Or does your child have to keep checking their backpack before leaving for school? Are they able to skip certain steps or do they get stuck repeating them?)

Do you ever worry or have other people expressed concern that your child is being "manipulative?"

(In other words, are you or other people blaming your parenting choices for your child's behavior? This is unfortunately all too common when it comes to parenting anxious kids!)

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