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How much is your child's anxiety stressing YOU out?


How often do you feel overwhelmed by your child's anxiety?

How often does worrying about your child keep you awake or wake you up at night?

How often are you neglecting your own self care -- getting haircuts, exercising, making time for hobbies, seeing friends -- because of your child's needs?

How often have you changed, adjusted or canceled plans due to your concern about how your child would handle it or due to behaviors by your child?

Do you feel confident that you know how to manage your child's emotional needs?

How worried are you about your child's future?

Do you feel supported by the people around you (your partner, other family members, the school if applicable, etc.)?

Where do you face the most criticism or conflict about the way you parent your anxious child?

How often have you found yourself crying or yelling (not necessarily at your child) because of your frustration with your child's anxiety?

How much is your child's anxiety stressing you out?
Not Stressed Out
Not Stressed Out
Moderately Stressed Out
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