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You are LOW LEVEL SNARED and the pitfalls don't have you trapped! 👍

This is good news! Parenting an anxious child can be a real challenge but I am happy to report that It looks like you’re just little bit stuck, which means you have lots of room to intervene NOW and free yourself (and your family) before things get any stickier! Hooray! Good for you! 

But that doesn’t mean that it’s all smooth sailing, right? And just because you’re handling things beautifully doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some extra support, too.

The research shows that child anxiety is a family issue. Now this doesn’t mean that your parenting is the problem — no way! It tells us that your parenting is the SOLUTION.

Shifting the way we parent to support our children in FACING their anxiety is key to solving the challenges in your family. That means learning more about anxiety: how it works, how to interrupt it, and how to climb out of those Parenting Pitfalls.

If you would like to meet with me and learn more about how I work with parents of anxious kids and how I can help YOUR family, please schedule a free quick consult. You can ask me your questions, and I can share what it is that I do (and how I do it).

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