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Weekly Meetings

At our first meeting we’ll dig in deep so that I understand what’s going on with you, your child, and your family. I will ask a zillion and one questions and give you lots of room to share your expertise on your child. I will send you off with homework for deep exploration so that you will come to the next session with even more insight and understanding. Based on what I know about anxiety, parenting, and change and what you know about yourself and your child, we will create an individualized plan for your family. Each week we will come together to tweak the plan, assess what’s working (and what’s not), and celebrate progress! You will move forward with clear instructions and encouragement.

In Between Meetings

I will be available to you via email and Voxer (a voicemail app) for questions and updates between our meetings. This is intensive work but I will be there to help you course correct so you stay on track, answer questions, and high-five wins! You will not feel alone as you move through the program because I will be with you every step of the way.

Group Support

While you are a client of Child Anxiety Support you will receive a complimentary membership to my You Are Not Your Mother community on Mighty Networks. There you’ll have access to a private Child Anxiety Support space but you will also have access to the rest of the site including the other courses and membership events. After you’ve completed the Child Anxiety Support program, you will be welcome to remain a member at a discounted price if you so choose.
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Still have Questions?

Ask Away!

I am a therapist but not your (or your child’s) therapist and this is NOT counseling. When I’m working with clients in the Child Anxiety Support program I am operating as an educator and facilitator. The program is individualized but unlike counseling it is very structured and directive. We won’t be pausing to reflect or process feelings — we’ll acknowledge them for sure! — but we will be moving forward with clear goals.

Some of the parents in this program are also getting therapy and sometimes their children are getting therapy. In those cases, I encourage the parents to talk to their and/or their child’s therapist to make sure that working with me makes sense for their family at this time. Sometimes therapists want to check with me to learn more about the program and make sure it’s a good fit for their clients. I’m happy to discuss this with them as long as those parents have signed the necessary releases of information that allow me to do so.

During the program we will focus on one child and on the specific needs and behaviors of that child. Having said that, it’s likely that what you will learn through the process will benefit your relationship with other children, too. You will be learning tools that are presented in the context of the behaviors of one individual child but once you’ve been through the program you will have the skills to apply what you’ve learned to parenting your other children, too.

If you decide after going through the program focusing on one child that you would like to go through it again focusing on a another child, we can discuss that. You may need a much shorter version of the program the next time around and we can talk together about how to make that work.

The program is effective for little kids, big kids and teens. It’s best to schedule a consultation with me so we can discuss the specifics of what’s happening in your family to help you make the best decision for yourself and your child.

No, your child does not need a formal diagnosis. We will do a screening at the beginning to explore the nature and shape of your child’s anxiety but that is not a diagnostic assessment. If you feel your child would be best served by getting a formal diagnosis, I encourage you to reach out to a therapist who can offer these services.

Obviously if your child DOES or has ever received an official anxiety or OCD diagnosis, that’s fine, too.

The program is a parent-led intervention meaning the change will be happening with you, which will lead to the change in your child. That means I will not need to ever meet with your child; I will trust you to accurately report what’s happening for your child and in your home. It is possible that I will make a referral to another professional if I feel your child might be well served by an assessment by a therapist or other professional. This is something we can discuss together.

I only work with parents and caregivers in this program. As much as I enjoy working with kids and teens (and I really do enjoy it), it’s not effective in the context of the Child Anxiety Support program. In fact, I’ve found that meeting with the children can slow things down. But I’m excited to learn more about them through YOUR eyes!

I bring three decades of experience working with, writing about, and researching parenting and families to my time with you. My work as a therapist in private practice; parent educator; preschool teacher; family case manager; and family studies adjunct professor have all given me the skills and knowledge to assist you in changing patterns that no longer serve yourself or your child.

My masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and my post-graduate certification in Infant-Toddler Mental Health, as well as my training in maternal mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy further inspires our work together.

The program is based in large part on the evidence-based program SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) but is augmented by the many workshops, courses, and trainings I’ve taken over the years.

The cost to enroll in the 8-week program is $1997 paid via ACH or credit card. (Note: If your child does have a formal diagnosis of anxiety, you may be able to pay with your HSA/FSA card as it mayqualify as a Behavioral Modification Program. Please contact your card provider to learn more.)

If at the end of the program you feel you would benefit from ongoing support you will have the option to enroll for another 4-week program for $997; continue your membership in You Are Not Your Mother ($37/month or $370/year — that’s 30% off the regular price); or reach out for “check ups” or individual video calls at $225 apiece (depending on my availability).

I ask that interested parents schedule a free no-obligation 30-minute phone consultation with me first so that we can both decide whether or not the program is a good fit for their family. You’ll be able to ask all of your questions directly and I’ll have questions for you, too, so that we can both be assured that we’re ready to move forward.

Ready to schedule?

Ready to schedule?

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