Is your child struggling? Are you?

Dealing with child anxiety is not easy. Meltdowns, tantrums, tears and worry. These intense, sensitive children and teens are hard to parent.

But what if I told you that YOU can turn things around for your anxious child? Research shows that we’ve been doing it wrong — the intervention shouldn’t start with the child; it should start with YOU.

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My Podcast

The Child Anxiety FAQ is a weekly podcast that answers your frequently asked questions about child and teen anxiety. Have a question you'd like to see answered on the show? Send it on in!

1 to 1 Support

Work with me directly to free your family from the trap of child anxiety. I offer personalized support through ClarityFlow, a coaching app that keeps me in your pocket ready with direction and support.

CBT Family Toolbox

A comprehensive library of cognitive behavioral techniques, tools, activities, and resources to build coping skills that your child will use for a lifetime

About Dawn Friedman MSEd

I have been working with children and parents for over thirty years as a preschool teacher, parent educator, family case manager, and clinical therapist. I’ve worked with hundreds of little kids, big kids, teens and adults. 

I love connecting parents with their inherent wisdom, love, and attunement and show them how to use these gifts to free their families from the trap of child anxiety. You can learn more about me here.

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What people are saying

Dawn gets it. She held our hands through getting our daughter to sleep on her own, which I thought would never happen. She’s a miracle worker!
mom to anxious child
I don’t feel like everything is all my fault anymore and I enjoy being with my daughter because we both know how to deal with her anxiety now.
mom to an anxious teen
Dawn is honest, smart, and trustworthy. I wish every family could access this program. She says things in a way I can understand and helps me keep perspective even when I’m overwhelmed.
mom to an anxious child
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