How it works

Let me walk you through the way the program works. Have questions? Reach out!

1. Consult

Book a free consult with me via Zoom so I can find out more about you, more about your child, and I can answer your questions. We’ll discuss whether or not the program makes sense for your family. If it does, come on board! If not, you’ll leave with some direction about what to do next.

2. Assess

Once you’ve joined I bring you into ClarityFlow, the app we use for our work. We start by doing a thorough anxiety assessment and identify your big goals. ClarityFlow lets us share video, audio, texts and files from the app or on your desktop.

3. Educate

I share the latest research about child anxiety and how it informs the program so you’ll feel confident every step of the way. By the way, you can invite other caregivers into the program so we’re all on the same page.

4. Prepare

We set the stage with practical directives to build your child’s confidence (and yours). We identify the cognitive-behavioral tools that will best build your child’s coping skills and I share activities and ideas to make that easy and effective. 

5. Design

We create the intervention plan, build out the details, prepare for every contingency and discuss supports. We’re building a roadmap through anxiety that will remain available to you throughout your parenting career!

6. Implement

You inform your child, work through the intervention, tweak as needed and report back. I’m there every step of the way, ready with direction, advice, and encouragement so that you never feel alone.

7. Reassess

We make changes as needed, making note of what’s working, addressing what’s not, and keep moving. You’ll see real progress in your child (and yourself)!

8. Build & Maintain

We create a long term plan, , identifying next goals and making plans including graduation!. The skills you’ve learned will carry you through whatever anxiety challenges life offers. 

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