Your results are in

You are DEEP DOWN in the pit and your stress results are: HIGH 😭

I am sorry that you and your child are having such a difficult time.

It’s clear that anxiety is ruling the roost in your family and it’s likely you don’t know how to get free.

You want your child to grow in confidence, to feel more independent, and to quit missing out on opportunities because of their anxiety. But how to make that happen?

I bet it feels like a big old impossible tangled mess and maybe right now it is, but I can teach you to untangle it!

The research shows that child anxiety is a family issue. Now this doesn’t mean that your parenting is the problem — no way! It tells us that your parenting is the SOLUTION.

Shifting the way we parent to support our children in FACING their anxiety is key to solving the challenges in your family. That means learning more about anxiety: how it works, how to interrupt it, and how to climb out of those Parenting Pitfalls.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to check out my FREE training: 

"Tell Me It Will Be OK" How to Talk to Your Anxious Child (Without Making Things Worse)

You’ll learn: What what you’re doing is NOT working (and what to do instead); How to set the RIGHT goals with your anxious child; and how to keep your cool when your child’s anxiety is revving up. And you’ll get a special offer at the end of our time together! Just sign up below and get immediate access!

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