How anxious is your child?

One of the first things we do in the Strong Kids, Strong Families program is check in with a research-based anxiety assessment so that we know how your child’s anxiety is showing up. 

These are not diagnostic but are the first steps to understanding how anxiety is impacting your child so that we’ll get a more complete idea of what we need to do about it

I’m offering these assessments here along with a free consult call with me to talk about the results because I want to help you take the first steps of your journey to freeing your family from the trap of your child’s anxiety!

Ready to get started?

Mom talking to child

Choose the right assessment for your child:

SCARED Assessment (child)

The Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED) is appropriate to use with children 8 to 18. It has 41 questions on a 3-point Likert scale and there are two versions. This one is for the child to fill out.

SCARED Assessment (parent)

This is the Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED) assessment for you to fill out. You can certainly download more than one copy to have other caregivers take or to compare to the child's if you'd like your child to take it.

SCAS Preschool Scale

The Spence Children's Anxiety Scale (SCAS) for Preschoolers is appropriate to use with children 3 to 7. It has 39 questions on a 4-point Likert scale.

You can schedule your consult with me now or I’ll follow up with you in a couple of days to give you time to fill out the assessment. I’m looking forward to speaking with you and learning more about you, your child, and the needs of your family!

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