How anxious is your child?

  • Does your child melt down or flip out before or after new experiences (baby sitters, new food, visits with family)?
  • Do they complain of headaches and stomaches even though the doctor says they’re fine?
  • Do they have trouble falling asleep because they’re worried about earthquakes, robbers, or what’s going to happen at school tomorrow?
  • Do they ask you for reassurance that things will be OK over and over and over again?
Dawn Friedman MSEd

Hi, I'm Dawn and I work with parents of anxious kids.

Anxiety can fuel frustrating behavior problems. Anxious kids may avoid new events, not let their parents out of their sight (even to go to sleep or go to the bathroom), and tantrum if any little thing goes wrong. They don’t WANT to be that way — they just don’t know how NOT to be that way.

If you have an anxious child, you’re probably exhausted, depleted, guilt-stricken and worried. But here’s the good news: It’s NOT your fault and there IS help.

In my work as a therapist I’ve realized that the best, most effective way to help children is to help their parents. Together we create a research-informed, effective intervention to support the parents in making change for the benefit of their anxious child. We pull in lots of resources so that parents feel informed and empowered to support their anxious children.

Recognizing Anxiety is the first step to helping your child overcome it

The screening and consult I offer is absolutely FREE. You’ll be able to ask me questions about your child, about your options, and I’ll give you support and space to make decisions. I’ll be happy to share about my Strong Kids, Strong Families program housed in the Child Anxiety Support membership but encourage you to check in with me about other options, too. I want you and your child to find YOUR best answers whether that means working with me or connecting with a therapist or other professional who can best support your family.

Are you ready to change things for the better for your child and your family?

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