CBT Family Toolbox

A collection of 100+ curated activities, games, ideas, and resources to bring cognitive behavioral tools to your family to better support your anxious child!

These are the same resources I used in my clinical practice with anxious kids and teens collected and explained so that you can teach them to YOUR family!

What's inside

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CBT Family Intro

A course to help you get the most out of the CBT Toolbox

Anxiety Education

What anxiety is, how it shows up, recognizing and naming it

Feeling Literacy

Understanding emotions starts simple -- mad, sad, glad, scared -- and gets more complicated as we grow.


Learning how to see ourselves with compassion

Understanding Thinking

Recognizing, confronting and untangling Thinking Errors

Calm Down Tools

Helping us regulate when we're feeling revved up or overwhelmed

Shifting Attention

Finding ways to welcome mindfulness to our everyday lives

Exposure Tasks

Finding ways to face anxiety instead of avoiding it

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