Author: Dawn Friedman MSEd

How can I make my anxious child feel heard and understood?

n our everyday parenting we are establishing a relationship where heard and understood is a given. It’s just part of the day to day give and take of being with them.

Now the tricky part is trusting the hard work we’ve done and in the resiliency of the relationship. What I’m saying here is that we need to be prepared to disappoint and even anger our kids.

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What are some signs that a child has anxiety?

“How do i know if my child has anxiety?” I share common signs that a child might be struggling with anxiety. I talk about somatic symptoms and behavioral symptoms and how to tell the difference between productive anxiety and anxiety that’s become problematic.

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Anxiety Whack-a-Mole

Learning to manage anxiety means playing the long game. For kids and parents who have the kinds of brains that tend to get anxious, we’re

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